McFadden News 8.13.21

First Week Down! Thanks everyone for helping make the first week a success!

Kindergarten Parents

Monday starts your day to be part of the regular time (7:35 is the goal) for dropoff. You may continue to park and walk students up to the steps but we ask you not to come into the building.

Afternoon Pickup

I appreciate everyone listening to my traffic talk this week at orientation. Teachers continue to ask me to remind you to please leave your car tag up until your child is in the car. That helps us identify that your car is loaded. Suggestion: Put your car tag on a pants hanger that you can hang from your mirror.

PTO and I want to say Thank You

The PTO told me we have had a great start to our Invest in a Child Program! Thank you for giving!

Hope you and your family have a great weekend! Your child should be tired, I know the teacher are! 😊

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