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Grade Level Pictures…Postponed

We are postponing our grade level pictures that were scheduled for Friday until further notice. We hope to do those later this year.

Universal Behavior Screener

Parents, as part of our participation in the RTI2-B program this year at McFadden to encourage and support positive behavior, we are required to conduct a universal behavior screener. To simplify this explanation, the "universal screener" simply means that your child's teacher is filling out a checklist/rating scale on each child to see who may be in need of additional academic and behavioral supports. The results of this screener will be shared with the RTI2-B team and other school staff in the building that assist students. These results will be used to provide supportive and positive behavioral interventions to students. This is another piece of data that we will use to assist the whole child, but instead of an assessment that looks at only academic data this is instead looking at a child's social and emotional strengths and challenges. We are excited about this tool and think it will be valuable. As a parent, I intend for all my children to participate. You DO have the right to opt-out of this screening, however, using the attached form. If you do NOT wish for your child to be a part of this universal screening, please fill out the attached form and either send a hard copy or email back a digital copy to your child's teacher by September 7th. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions. Thanks! 🙂 Mrs. Puffer

PTO Classroom Coordinators Needed

Would you be interested in helping coordinate some classroom activities with the PTO? Sign Up Here:!/showSignUp/30e0448a8ad2aaaf94-classroom

Your PTO Dollars At Work!

Our teachers received their $500 classroom funds today! We are so appreciative of your support of the PTO Invest in a Child program! Teachers will give updates throughout the year on items they got to purchase thanks to your generosity!

Internet Issues

This week has been frustrating for everyone with the problems throughout the district with internet issues! Thanks for being patient with us!

Jr. Pro-Grade 2-5

Signups will occur on-line beginning and ending next week. A link will be on our website.

Parent Homework-Plus Extra Credit!

Due to Dr. Blair’s mess up last week, we are asking EVERYONE to redo the following form (one for each child please). Extra Credit Points are being offered to be used for this nine weeks parent report card 😊.

Smart Cards

Support the Library and Buy a Smart Card for $20. You can easily get your money back and more!

4th & 5th Choir Survey

If your 4th or 5th grade child is interested in possibly being in choir, please complete (if you have not already) the following survey: McFadden Chorus – Christina Stuible – McFadden School of Excellence (

Covid Procedures

All schools are following recommendations from Rutherford County Schools concerning Covid protocols. You can see those at Rutherford County Schools (

Child Not Feeling Well

RCS Health Services requests your help with the following:

Parents/Guardians - please go over these 5 questions with your children before they leave for school each and every day:

  1. Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

  2. Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or stomach symptoms?

  3. Do you have now, or have you had in the past 48 hours (2 days) a fever of 100.4 or greater?

  4. Have you noticed a new loss of taste or smell?

  5. Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours (1 day)?

If the answer is Yes to ANY of the questions, please keep your student at home. Contact the school nurse or your health care provider for guidance.

Safety Drill Week

Next week we will be practicing all of our safety drills here at school including fire, weather, lockdown, and medical.

Grandparent Day Decision

We will not be having in-person grandparent days this year. Classes will be sending home items and doing some things virtually this year.

First Week Down! Thanks everyone for helping make the first week a success!

Kindergarten Parents

Monday starts your day to be part of the regular time (7:35 is the goal) for dropoff. You may continue to park and walk students up to the steps but we ask you not to come into the building.

Afternoon Pickup

I appreciate everyone listening to my traffic talk this week at orientation. Teachers continue to ask me to remind you to please leave your car tag up until your child is in the car. That helps us identify that your car is loaded. Suggestion: Put your car tag on a pants hanger that you can hang from your mirror.

PTO and I want to say Thank You

The PTO told me we have had a great start to our Invest in a Child Program! Thank you for giving!

Hope you and your family have a great weekend! Your child should be tired, I know the teacher are! 😊


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