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Our Special Events offer opportunities to support MSE throughout the year!

These events include many ways to participate.  You might find a fit in the fundraising or donation , such as the Book Fair & Grandparents' Day celebration.  Or you can join us during the Connect & Spirit Night functions, where you can meet other families from your child's class & have some fun!  Lastly, you might prefer to volunteer your time, either in the classroom or around the school.


Watch for Special Event announcements from Dr. Blair & the PTO throughout the year.


Book fairs are not only popular with our children; items purchased through these fairs benefit MSE too! During these fairs, students can shop at school.  These events usually coincide with our Showcase events, which means that parents have a chance to shop as well!

For more information, please contact Trina Shelton.

Look for announcements on dates for our book fairs.

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With Connect events, MSE families get the opportunity to meet each other.  Connect events take place throughout the school year.  If you have more questions or would like to help plan Connect events for your grade, please email Rachael Law or Charlyn King.

Spirit Nights are also a great way to connect with other families & to support our school!  If you have questions or would like to suggest a place to host a Spirit Night, please email Kristina Wotjkowski.


Our volunteer opportunities are coming soon!

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